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Founded in 1919, the Daily News bills itself as “New York’s Hometown Newspaper,” with a long history of zesty headlines, intense city news coverage, celebrity gossip and star columnists. It has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes in its history, including one this year, in partnership with ProPublica for uncovering the use of an obscure law to evict poor minorities from their homes. It is known for its front-page photographs and sports section, as well as classified ads, comics, and a news and opinion section.

The News has been the first paper in the country to publish photos on its front page, and was the first to report a plane crash while it was still in progress. It is also the first to report on a nuclear test, to report on a fire at the Statue of Liberty, to report on the death of a sailor in Korea, and to publish a photograph of an atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, which was then the most powerful device in the world.

It was the first tabloid in the United States, and reached its peak circulation during the 1940s. It is the second oldest newspaper in New York. Its current owner is Tronc, a newspaper publisher with properties that include the Hartford Courant and the Sun-Sentinel of Florida. The purchase price for the Daily News was a reported $1 and the assumption of pension and operational liabilities.

In addition to its New York City presence, the News has a nationwide readership. Its online edition is ranked as the third-largest newspaper site in the United States, according to a 2012 survey by comScore, which placed it ahead of The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times. Its online version is available in several languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

During the past near-century, the News has served readers from all walks of life, informing them about their city and the wider world. It has played a role in shaping the dynamics of this great city. The Daily News is proud of its legacy and the opportunity to continue to serve all New Yorkers in this exciting, ever-changing time.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive provides access to digitized copies of the Yale Daily News (YDN) from January 28, 1878 through December 31, 1995. This archive is open to the public and includes a searchable, indexed database of full text articles. The YDN was the first college daily to publish a comprehensive news and sports section and is the nation’s oldest college newspaper.

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