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The Daily News is an American newspaper based in New York City that is a tabloid. It covers sports, entertainment, and politics. In addition, it features an opinion section. While it is known for its hard-hitting coverage, it is also one of the most popular newspapers in the country.

Since its inception, the Daily News has been a fixture of New York. It first opened its doors in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News. Soon after, it became the first newspaper in the United States to print in a tabloid format. By the early 1930s, it had become the largest circulation newspaper in the city.

For more than a century, the New York Daily News has been a voice for the unheard. Over the years, the newspaper has won numerous awards for its reporting. This includes a Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2017. With a focus on putting readers in the heart of the action, the Daily News has become a powerful force for change.

The Daily News is currently owned by Tribune Publishing, a Chicago-based media company. They have been able to expand the circulation of the paper to more than 200,000. However, the paper has been struggling financially. To avoid further financial trouble, the publisher decided to sell it to Tronc, a media corporation. As part of the deal, Tronc agreed to pay $1 for the Daily News.

Aside from the digital edition of the paper, the Daily News also has an interactive version that can be read on computers or smartphones. Readers can use the interactive version to browse the news, share stories, and more. Additionally, users can download the paper for offline reading. There is an interactive sharing feature that allows people to share stories via email.

While the Daily News may not have the same sweeping reputation as the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, it is a very bold newspaper. With its emphasis on investigative journalism, its coverage of crime and corruption, and its coverage of the sports world, the Daily News is a top-notch newspaper.

When it was first founded, the Daily News was a brawny, metro tabloid. For years, it had a packed newsroom. Many of its journalists sat on a wooden bench that sat in the lobby of the building. Eventually, the bench moved to another former location on West 33rd Street.

Throughout its history, the Daily News has had a number of prominent journalists. One of these is Jimmy Cannon, who was a legendary boxing writer. Another is Clifford Ross, who covered the courts and Staten Island for the paper.

The paper’s editors are also a group of passionate individuals. Editor-in-chief Richard Brueggemann, who was the former executive editor of the National Review, has been an important contributor to the paper’s success. Other seasoned reporters include Katie Johnson, who covers Manhattan and the Bronx for the paper. Haidee Chu, who is originally from Hong Kong, is a data reporter for the paper.