New York State Legislative Process

Gambling News May 5, 2023

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The Legislative Process

To become law, a bill must be passed by both the House and the Senate and signed or vetoed by the Governor. The Governor has 10 days (not counting Sundays) after a bill has been passed by each house to sign or veto it. If the Governor does not sign or veto a bill within that time period, it becomes law automatically.

During this time, members of the legislature and their staffs work to craft bills that address problems in New York State. They can do this through discussions with their colleagues or through drafting a bill themselves. The actual drafting of a bill requires specialized types of legal training and can be done by the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission or by other attorneys who represent interest groups or agencies within the state or the executive branch.

When a bill is ready for the Senate, it is introduced by one or more legislators or by a standing committee of the Senate. The bill then goes through a series of stages as it moves from the Introduction and Revision Office, to the appropriate standing committee and back to the Senate.

The Legislative process can be confusing for citizens. But it is important for them to understand the process and how they can participate in making sure that their voice is heard.

In addition to helping to shape the laws that govern our community, you can help make the legislative process easier and more transparent by sharing your ideas with other people in your community. You can send emails, make phone calls, and even write letters to your Senators, other legislators or the Governor, all of which are free and easy to do.

For instance, you can email your Senators and ask them to support a particular bill or resolution. You can also call or write to the Governor and ask him to sign or veto a particular bill or resolution, or you can sign a petition that has been sent to your Governor.

Getting to Know Your Senators and Other Elected Officials

As a result of the Constitution of the United States, all citizens of the State of New York are entitled to attend and participate in the enactment of the laws that govern their lives. The Legislature is the body of elected officials who are responsible for enacting, amending or repealing these statutes.

Every bill introduced by a member of the Legislature, or by a standing committee of the Assembly and Senate, must go through an extensive, multi-step drafting process. This means that the bill goes through a vetting process by members of the Legislature and their staffs, as well as the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission, before being passed by the Legislature.