New Law Practices in New York

Gambling News Mar 11, 2024

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Law practice is a field that is constantly changing. What worked one quarter may not work the next. That is why it is essential for legal firms to understand how to best make use of new laws that can help their clients in a number of ways. One way that many firms are doing so is by implementing new law practices. This is a form of legal service that is not always easy to define but can be quite beneficial for clients.

Some of the major new laws that took effect in 2024 include legislation aimed at protecting residents from medicine price-gouging, curbing predatory subscription services and more. In addition, Governor Hochul signed legislation to protect New Yorkers from the long-term financial consequences of medical debt by prohibiting hospitals, health care professionals and certified ambulances from reporting medical debt to credit agencies. This new law, called Matthew’s Law, is named in memory of a young man who died from an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2020.

Other important new laws that took effect in 2024 include a law that allows local pharmacies and health care providers to give out fentanyl and drug adulterant testing supplies. This is another life-saving measure that is named in memory of a young man, Matthew Horan, who died from an accidental fentanyl drug overdose in 2020. Another bill, called the Transgender Civil Rights Act of 2024, protects cisgender people in the workplace from discrimination and provides them with the same protections as non-cisgender people.

New York’s laws are made by the Constitution, laws passed by the legislature and periodically codified in the Consolidated Laws, and decisions of courts that interpret those laws. The city’s laws are also made by the Charter, regulations passed by the Board of Estimates, ordinances passed by the Council and bills introduced in either house of the legislature. Learn more about how our laws are made by visiting this web page.