New Law Issues News For Multilaw Firm Lawyers

Gambling News Jan 5, 2023

When it comes to new law, a multilaw firm lawyer has a lot to choose from. He or she can use Lexis or Lexis+ to browse through 430+ publications, ranging from treatises to legal reviews. Among the best resources are Wagstaffe’s Civil Litigation Resources. These resources are key for a new associate or litigator. The legal news hub has also been bolstered with more premium content. This includes nine answer books in the labor and employment niche.

It’s no secret that lawyers, and especially litigators, are looking for the latest and greatest. In the interest of a well-rounded practice, it’s important to keep abreast of the latest developments. Aside from keeping abreast of current events, you can also learn a lot by reading relevant articles and blogs. For example, Law360 has recently updated its summer associate survey. You can also visit the American Bar Association’s Blawg Directory to learn more about the latest and greatest.

On a related note, a law firm in New Hampshire has a measure of success in implementing a novel program to assist tenants in Housing Court. The law, named the right to counsel, allows for free representation in Housing Court. Through the internship program, ten promising young attorneys will have a chance to practice their skills in a hands-on setting.

The aforementioned right to counsel program is only one of many programs that the City Bar has rolled out in the past several years. Another major initiative is its social justice internship program, which provides law students with an opportunity to get real-world experience in the field. Other programs include the Legal Research Center and the Fall Forum series for Lewis & Clark Law School. All of these programs are aimed at providing law students with the tools and information to help them succeed in the professional world.

There are several other notable omissions from the new law list. Among them are the most popular and most significant innovations, including the fact-related cloud enhancements and state motion metrics. Also worth noting is the newest addition to the MLex suite: IPlytics. This service provides intellectual property protection. And speaking of intellectual property, MLex is a good place to start when you’re looking to navigate the murky waters of internet law.

Aside from all the above, it’s worth noting that the aforementioned facts are a mere blip on the radar when compared to the myriad new features and services incorporated into the newest edition of Lexis and Lexis+. Among the notable changes are a plethora of new state code indexes, improved federal appellate analytics, and the aforementioned tidbits. Plus, Lexis+ has a new entrant in its midst, in the form of Shepard’s (r) Citation Guides. Besides case studies, the guides provide a handy toolkit for lawyers to navigate the complicated process of document citation.

Lexis+ has also been a big spender in the intellectual property space. As such, the company has added more than 30 law reviews and treatises on the topic. Additionally, the Lexis+(r) Legal News Hub has received an upgrade. Now it features more than a dozen more premium publications.