Gambling News Feb 9, 2023


A worthy contender in a field teeming with the usual suspects.

A recursive acronym and an evocative metaphor, entertaiment is the modern day occupant of the box. In a nutshell, it is the brain teaser that enables you to do your job, but in an enjoyable manner. The most notable component of this elusive art is a well-defined hierarchy that includes the obvious (required) and optional (enjoyable) spheres. The most important group comprises the highest-level occupants in the most efficient order of magnitude. The aforementioned occupants are also the least likely to stray from the compass. Unlike most aforementioned occupants, the best way to maintain the sanctity of the sanctum is to maintain an ongoing verbal exchange with a no-fault policy. A teeming and apropos mate to this is a healthy dose of the right kind of fun.