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Business news is a type of journalism that tracks, records and analyzes the financial, economic and commercial aspects of societies. Typically, it is reported by a variety of media outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Many large newspapers, and some smaller ones as well, contain a dedicated business section. It is also possible to find business news on the internet, in particular through web portals.

Historically, the development of businesses and their coverage was often tracked through newspaper articles and magazine features. Later, wire services and business-focused television programs became more common. In the modern era, the majority of national and international news organizations cover some aspect of business.

The word business is a broad one, referring to any exchange of goods or services for money. Goods include tangible items such as food, electronics and cars, while services refer to actions such as haircuts, hotel stays and roller-coaster rides. Business is important in a society because it facilitates the exchange of resources and allows people to provide the goods and services that they need. It is also the foundation of many economies.

Some businesses have a philanthropic goal and may be known as not-for-profits. In such cases, any profit they make is reinvested in achieving their stated mission. Other businesses, especially larger for-profit corporations, have a purely financial objective and focus on making profits for their shareholders.

There are many controversies surrounding the conduct of business, some involving personal greed and others involving issues such as environmentalism or social responsibility. The controversy is sometimes seen as a result of the failure of governments to properly regulate businesses, and there are many who believe that putting more emphasis on business ethics would solve these problems. Others, however, argue that these concepts are impossible to legislate and that the best way to improve business is through education.

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