A Library of Congress Guide to Business News

Gambling News Oct 19, 2023

business news

Whether it’s a coffee shop, ice cream vendor or multinational corporation like Apple or Google, businesses are the backbone of every economy. Founded on the principle of profit and customer satisfaction, they come in all shapes and sizes, from small, single-sector operations to massive global conglomerates. A business can be for-profit in nature and exist to make money, or it can be non-profit and exist for a charitable mission or further a social cause.

A business news story covers any information related to the operation, ownership or management of a company, its products and services. While many people think of a business as an entity that makes and sells goods or services, it can also be a government agency, charity or even an individual. This guide is designed to help you find information on companies and organizations from a variety of sources, including print and online newspapers and magazines as well as television and radio broadcasts. It also contains links to other Library of Congress resources and tips on how to search them.

This guide focuses on the United States, but many business news events and stories occur globally. For international research, consult a world news guide or ask a librarian for assistance. The Library of Congress has a vast collection of print and microform news sources available to researchers from around the world. While some may contain national and regional coverage, others specialize in specific regions or industries. You can learn more about these resources in the Newspaper and Current Periodicals Room or by contacting Ask-A-Librarian.

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