A Guide to Business News

Gambling News May 6, 2024

business news

Business news is any news that pertains to business, finance, commerce and industry. This can include a variety of topics such as economic trends, market fluctuations, globalization and company-specific developments. Business news can be presented in a number of formats including articles, videos, tables, charts and podcasts. It can also be categorized by subject matter such as financial news, government policy and major international business news.

For individuals, business news can impact their personal finances and investments. This is especially true in the case of financial news which can influence stock market trends, and therefore affect investment portfolios. Business news can also be relevant to entrepreneurs, as it can inform them of new products and services that may help them expand their business.

The term business can be defined as any activity or enterprise that is entered into for profit. It can encompass a wide range of activities from manufacturing and sales to entrepreneurship and management. The size of a business can vary as well. Small businesses often play a vital role in local communities by fostering entrepreneurship, while larger businesses can have a global impact and drive innovation.

This guide to business news is intended to provide a starting point for research. It is not exhaustive and researchers should use a variety of sources to find the best fit for their research needs. In addition to general news sources, it is also recommended that researchers consider seeking out business-specific trade publications. These will often focus on particular industries and can offer more in-depth and targeted news coverage.

The Library of Congress offers many print and microform business news sources. See the Business News Sources page in this guide for a list of titles available through our Newspaper and Current Periodical Room as well as tips for using our online catalog to identify specific titles. This guide is focused on US business news sources, but the Library also has access to a variety of international publications. For assistance with finding international business news, please contact our Ask-A-Librarian service. You can reach a librarian anywhere in the world via email, and we will be happy to help you locate relevant resources.